Winnies Yorkshire Delights

When you visit Herriot Country, seek out weekly markets in Thirsk, Ripon, Masham and Stokesley where you may just hear a songstress called Winifred Ruth English playing her guitar and singing to the crowds at her market stall. Ruth’s award-winning Winnies Yorkshire Delights are her healthy seasonal handmade products with no additives or artificial flavours and as her music shows, her passion is included ‘FOC’. 

 You’ll see the range of jams, chutney, relish, marmalade and hampers, all handmade by Ruth from products bought from local suppliers in Yorkshire unless otherwise stated. Ruth also makes individual hand drawn and illustrated gift cards that are ideal when gifting her products or for many different occasions. Inspired by Ruth’s love of art and nature and her other passion for protecting species on the planet. The cards make a colourful statement and can be framed to create an attractive alternative gift. 

The beetroot relish won the best local product award in 2017 and her marmalades were in the finals of the annual Flavours of Herriot Awards in 2022. The seasonally-sourced small batch production method ensures high quality and they are all sold in recycled jam jars with plastic–free labels, in the tradition of thrift and recycling of previous generations like that of James Herriot’s Yorkshire. 

Ruth’s background in Farming, Tourism and Yorkshire Heritage combines her wide experience and interests in health, geography, economic development in the form of tourism in rural and urban areas, conservation, marketing, community, art and farming heritage in her businesses to bring you Winnies Yorkshire Delights. 

 Winnies Yorkshire Delights make ideal gifts from Yorkshire all year round and we are sure that Alf Wight (James Herriot) would have enjoyed Ruth’s music and creative talents in his beloved North Yorkshire. 

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Winnies Yorkshire Delights 

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