Reliance Buses Ltd

Reliance Buses Ltd is situated in York where the depot is located. It is near to Sutton on the Forest in the heart of Herriot Country. This company was established in 1930 where Reliance Motor Services has gained a long and exciting history.  

The Buses currently operate from the Home Depot in York and is owned and run by a man named John Duff. Reliance Buses Ltd is a family business that John built with his grandson, Gary Newby, taking the lead in the operations.  

Reliance Buses Ltd currently operates 16 buses across a wide network around Herriot Country and mainly the city of York. Passing through villages such as Tollerton, Alne, Huby and Sutton-on-the-forest as well as the historic market towns of Easingwold and Thirsk. 

This business makes easy access to local areas in North Yorkshire meaning public transport is always available. With these buses passing through these big market towns, there is always many great attractions to see or visit such as the massive museum in Thirsk ‘The World of James Herriot.’