Outdoor Shows

The company owner of Outdoor Shows, Richard Ashworth, has been working on this project for over 20 years now gaining all the experience around hosting, organising and presenting some of the largest specialised events in the country. He does a fantastic job of setting up all these different outdoor events for visitors of Herriot Country to experience what it’s all about and the history of Yorkshire. 

Richard puts on a vast variety of outdoor shows to cover each and every individual’s needs of what they want to experience. So, whether the visitor prefers the scent of engines rolling in for a weekend show, or even passionate to feel what the countryside and country sports feel like. There is always a separate event to cover everything that happens inside Herriot Country and Yorkshire. 

All shows are family friendly as there’s a desire for each experience that needs filling. The company always provides a brilliant time at each individual event so the day away can be fulfilled. At each show there is an opportunity to camp away for the day or a few more if that’s what the families are after. 

With these events being held all around Herriot Country there is always towns to drive to within short distances if visitors on the day want to check out the local shops, restaurants or even the historic attractions. For example, travelling a short distance to the historic Thirsk Town Centre and visiting the huge museum of The World of James Herriot to experience the life of Alf Wight OBE. 

Skelton Banks, Cropton, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 8EX UK 

T: 01751 200839 

E: info@outdoorshows.co.uk