Keld Resource Centre

Keld Resource Centre is situated in the heart of Herriot Country. This centre works on maintaining and explaining the unique heritage and environment of Upper Swaledale for the benefit of visitors to the area, local community and the rural economy.  

The origins of Keld Resource Centre were made from the community’s aspiration to make use of three Grade II listed buildings: the former Manse, School and Literary Institute. These buildings are owned by the United Reformed Church in which had been unused for quite some time. Rather than the buildings go to no use the local community were adamant to get these restored for the benefit of visitors to the area. 

Since the Keld Resource Centre took the role of supervising these buildings they have been working on the restoration and been wanting to use them for activities and events, designed to help explain and figure out what the area is about and its fantastic history. 

Their programme centres itself around four main subjects of activity: The Heritage and environment that is centred around the Keld countryside and heritage centre in which the business operates in. The Community development in which is to encourage a vast number of visitors to the Keld area and providing a much-needed community space in their Upper Room. The wellbeing which they have developed the Keld Well-being Garden and Keld Community Orchard which are accompanied by two relaxing outside spaces. Last of all they explain the local history of the area and are in the process of making an extensive online archive with previous events. 

Keld Resource Centre Ltd, Keld, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL11 6LJ 

T: 07790 401476