Gayle Mill Trust

Gayle Mill Trust is situated at Raygill House Farm, near Hawes in Herriot Country. The Mill is a registered charity that used to run a historic sawmill at Gayle. In April 2018 they decided to build a new workshop which they use as a function now for their new commercial wood services, craft shop and heritage skill courses. They are working hard to keep the valuable skills alive in the heritage era. 

Throughout the year they provide all the resources visitors may need ranging from firewood and gates, to garden furniture and kitchen products. The Mill also puts on seasonal gifts that has easy access of purchase as you can make your purchase via card over the phone or even posted out to you. These gifts are all made from beautiful locally sourced wood and created professionally using a mixture of modern and vintage machinery. 

As Gayle Mill Trust works just like a charity does, all the profit made from the sales of gifts get handed out to lots of local charities. Any timber donated to this business will also get recycled into a vast number of products to be sold and help raise funds for the Gayle Mill Trust charity. Meaning all the timber lying around never goes to waste. 

The Mill owns a Wood-Mizer LT40H mobile sawmill which is always available for hire. It is used to help create slimline designs, can mill around 6 cubic metres of timber a day, able to handle huge tree trunks with ease and always operated by a professional. 

If guests to this company are looking for some attractions to see on their travels there is always The World of James Herriot only an hour drive from Hawes, situated in Thirsk Town Centre. 

Gayle Mill Trust, The Woodcraft Studio, Raygill House Farm, Hawes DL8 3PP

T: 01969 667320