Fantinos Italian Restaurant

A traditional Italian Restaurant located in Herriot Country, Fantinos has lots to offer visitors to North Yorkshire with it being based close to the town centre of Thirsk and a 10-minute walk from The World of James Herriot Museum. Fantinos has a high reputation for the quality of their food/drink, as well as their comfortable guest rooms in the hotel. 

Along with its fantastic restaurant that offers a wide range of food. You can choose to stay in the hotel for its attractive bed and breakfast with a terrace or even go to the bar for a selection of drinks, which also has access to free WIFI. 

Fantinos also offer other amenities such as tea/coffee in a clean garden area and free onsite parking for easy access to the hotel. The hotel is well kept by the members of staff and the 16 rooms include accessories such as Flat-screen televisions, a desk and hairdryers. 

With this Italian restaurant being so close to home to The World of James Herriot, it is a fantastic visit for some freshly cooked Italian food, especially with their signature pasta dishes. Fantinos has an impressive menu to offer the guests on arrival before entering the very hygienic dining area.

Church Farm, Front Street, Sowerby, North Yorkshire, Thirsk, YO7 1JF, United Kingdom

Tel: 01845 523655