Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre

Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre at Sion Hill Hall sets high standards of conservation whilst sharing the experience of the beautiful birds of prey with visitors. It is an experience enjoyed by many people throughout the year and importantly shows you where in the world each type of bird in each aviary comes from with maps of the world with certain countries highlighted.

Imagine the soaring of an eagle above your head or if you have ever dreamed of seeing owls sweeping past or ducking and diving as vultures fly by then this is the place for you!

Three times a day, a fabulous flying display with different birds is held and afterwards a handling session allowing visitors the chance to get close and personal plus plenty of photo-opportunities in between as all the beautiful birds are on display.  

The learning experience continues with presentations about the history of birds of prey including how they were very much protected in the Middle Ages through to the threats of modern agriculture, the widespread use of toxic chemicals and other threats which caused major damage to the native raptor population. You’ll learn how raising public awareness of the needs and habitats of birds through centres such as Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre you can all play a part in assisting the preservation of these fine creatures to enrich the lives of future generations.

Thirsk Birds of Prey, Sion Hill Hall, Kirby Wiske, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 4EU

Telephone: +44 (0) 1845 587522  E-mail:

Family Flying Encounter

This experience is for two adults and two children* to come along as a family and fly a selection of our friendly feathered friends in our flying arena for one hour, you will get to meet and fly at least five different birds including Owls, Kestrels and Hawks and Buzzards. Your experience will finish in time for you to be able to watch one of amazing flying displays and look around our fantastic birds of prey collection. This Experience also allows includes your general admittance into the centre so you can watch the three different flying displays if you wish. * Children Age restrictions apply (8 to 16 years old) Please note that the experience days all need to be pre-booked by calling 01845 587522 during the centre opening hours.