Ceramic Inspirations Pottery

Ceramic Inspirations is the home of handcrafted teapots made in the heart of Herriot Country. These unique designs are created by a well-organised pottery team in Leyburn. The company has a long history of producing high quality ceramic teapots and has an incredible reputation for their art.

Their range of designs has captured like-minded individuals around Herriot Country with their handcrafted teapots, made using a combination of modern and traditional techniques. The basic manufacturing process has remained virtually the same since the 18th century.

Ceramic Inspirations was created back in 1978 by designers Martin and Judy Biddy which was called ‘The Pottery.’ It was originally based in a converted farm in the Yorkshire Dales where James Herriot may have passed on his travels. They gained an increased demand which made them move their business to Leyburn and rename it Ceramic Inspirations.

Following the Bibby’s retirement back in 2004, Ceramic Inspirations have continued with the incredible teapot designs and have now moved on to work alongside a sister company ‘Cardew Design,’ who are helping to add more creative ideas to the pottery collection.

Leyburn Business Park, Harmby Road, Leyburn, DL8 5QA

01969 625190